You and I belong to the 99%. Unless you’re the 1%, then you’re obviously not the 99%

I’m sure everyone has heard the whole Occupy movement. If not, I’d advise moving out of Patrick Star’s house.

Anyways, I’m completely for the whole movement. I find that it is very, very ridiculous that the minority (1%) accumulate such vast wealth compared to the majority (99%). The exploitation involved is disgusting. Let’s pick on Nike, because everyone likes to pick on Nike.

Nike has all of their shoes made overseas. That way, they do not have to pay the minimum wage here in North America which is from $6.00/hr to $11.00/hr, depending on where you live.

In Asia, the minimum wage is $1.60/hr to $2.50/hr, again depending on where you live.

Now, if you were a greedy person, what option do you think would make most sense, in terms of earning a profit? Having the shoes made in North America for $6 – 11/hr and sell the shoes for $100+? Or have them made in Asia for nearly nothing, and sell them for $100+? Asia it is!

This is disgusting. The companies are earning VAST mountains of cash while we pay for way overpriced shoes, and more importantly, workers work themselves to the bone for barely anything. They suffer sexual abuse, physical and emotional/mental abuse and poor working conditions for such a little amount of money, they can barely afford to live.


Occupy Wall Street? Toronto? No.

Occupy Earth. We should not allow this to be done for any longer.


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