UPROAR! Festival with Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed!

This was the most recent concert I went to (It’s been so long!) and it was fantastic. I went with my cousin Jamie and everything was perfect. Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed were the headliners, along with Halestorm and Stone Sour who also played on the main stage. On the second stage, Hail the Villain, Airbourne, New Medicine, and Hellyeah played.

The whole concert was amazing. I enjoyed the music of course, but the best part were the interactions with the band members. I was able to get posters signed by the Hellyeah members, and Hail the Villain members. Also, the drummer for Hellyeah is Vinnie Paul from Pantera. PANTERA. I was amazed that I met him, and I got my picture taken with him! He was a really cool guy, and down to earth.

I also bought Halestorm’s CD, and I got it signed by the band! My cousin and I got our pictures taken with them. Everything about that day was so crazy. I got many autographs, and many memories.

Memories… Ah yes. My fondest one yet. I think it was Disturbed that were playing, and I was next to the pit where the sound crew worked and hung out. I glanced down there every now and then curiously. And then I saw him. I saw Mike Portnoy right up close to me, no more than 15 feet away and I was filled with excitement. (Sorry, little giddy fanboy going on) I waved at him and shouted “Mike!” and he turned and saw me. He flashed the peace sign, and gave me a thumbs up. At that moment I felt so small and vulnerable as he is an amazing drummer and definitely someone I look up to. Sidenote: When Avenged finished playing their set, Mike threw his drumsticks into the crowd. One of them was heading STRAIGHT for me, and as I was about to grab it, the guy in front of my grabbed it. I was quite pissed off, but I blew it off in a matter of a few minutes.

That’s about it. It was a crazy concert. Lot’s of fun, good atmosphere, and since Rockstar hosted it and I had a VIP pass, lot’s of energy drinks.