Phony Kony 2012?

I’m sure everyone has heard about the whole Kony hype. It’s everywhere, everyone’s talking about it, blah blah blah. It’s one of those things that people share the video on their Facebook wall, or email it to their friends, and maybe donate some money to the charity, and feel “well I did a great thing today, I helped out Africa and whatnot”.

They do it, and then go on with their lives, some completely forgetting about it.

But there may be a untold story behind this whole Kony movement.

The United States now want to go after this Kony guy (who is somewhere in Uganda, Congo, Sudan, that area) because of the terrible things he has done, such as enslaving children, forcing them to fight, and have sex.

But why all of a sudden it happens now? They went after him in 2005, and he evaded capture. Why did it drop off the radar then, and then resurface all of a sudden?

Osama Bin Laden has apparently been terminated and now they don’t have this big villain to fight against. Now they want this Kony guy? To me, it seems a bit odd that as soon as one big villain is gone, they make another.

Now I’m not saying that Joseph Kony isn’t bad. Because hell, he kidnaps kids and forces them to fight, etc. That’s pretty damn evil. But he’s just one of how many people that do this? Instead of focusing on just this one guy, why not focus on big crime rings that do this?

Also, a little side note. If this Invisible Children charity, is a charity, why does Jason Russel receive $89,669, Laren Poole receive $84,377  and Ben Keesy receive $88,241 ?

That’s a lot of money for someone to get for working the charity.

Here’s a little video to watch. I highly recommend it, as it shows just the other side of the story….


Hmm, Congo containing about $20+ TRILLION dollars worth of oil and cobalt? And all of a sudden we have to go stop Joseph Kony? hmm…